April 2, 2022
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What is Track Cycling?

What is Track Cycling?

Track cycling is a sport in which athletes race each other around an oval track. The track is usually made of wood, and the racing surface is smooth. The track is usually banked, which allows for higher speeds. There are two main types of track cycling: sprint and endurance. Sprinting is the more common type of track cycling, and it is the type of track cycling that is contested at the Olympic Games. Endurance track cycling is also very popular, and it is contested at the world championships. There are also world cup races for both sprint and endurance track cycling.


The history of track cycling dates back to the late 19th century. The first track cycling race was held in 1878, and the first world championship was held in 1893. Track cycling was included in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. The sport has been steadily growing in popularity ever since. Today, there are thousands of track cyclists around the world competing at the highest level.

Main Centres

There are a few main centres for track cycling. The most important centre is probably Europe, which has produced the majority of the world's best track cyclists. Other important centres include Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Race Formats

There are two main types of track cycling races: sprints and endurance races. Sprint races are the most common type of track cycling race, and they are contested over a shorter distance. Endurance races are usually contested over a longer distance, and they often involve more strategy. The most common type of endurance race is the points race, which is contested over a set distance with points being awarded for laps completed and sprints won.


Track bicycles are different from road bicycles. They have a fixed gear, which means that the pedals always turn when the wheels turn. This makes them more efficient for racing around a track. Track bicycles also have no brakes, because they are not needed on a track.


Sprinting is the most common type of track cycling. It is contested over a short distance, usually between 200m and 800m. Sprint races are held as both individual races and team races. The team sprint race is contested by teams of three cyclists, and it is one of the most exciting events in track cycling. Individual sprint races are also very exciting, and they often involve a lot of tactics. The winner of a sprint race is usually the cyclist who can maintain the highest speed for the longest period of time.

Olympic Games

Track cycling has been included in every edition of the Olympic Games since 1896. The programme has changed over time, but the sprint events have always been very popular with fans. The current Olympic programme includes four sprint events: the individual sprint, the team sprint, the keirin, and the omnium. The omnium is a new event that was introduced in 2016, and it consists of six different races contested over two days.

World Championships

The UCI Track Cycling World Championships are held every year, and they are the most important event in the track cycling calendar. The championships are held over a week, and they include all of the major track cycling events. The world championships are always hotly contested, and they often produce some very exciting racing.


The UCI Track Cycling World Ranking is a ranking system for track cyclists based on their results in international races. The ranking system was introduced in 1992, and it is used to determine seedings for international races such as the world championships and the Olympic Games.

Gender in Track Cycling

There are separate events for men and women at all levels of track cycling, including the Olympic Games, world championships, and World Cup races. Men and women usually compete in different events, but there are some events that are open to both genders. These events are known as mixed gender events, and they usually involve teams of three cyclists from both genders competing against each other.

Track Cycling Records

Flying 200 m time trial (progression)9.100Nicholas Paul
Flying 500 m time trial (progression)24.758Chris Hoy
1 km time trial (progression)56.303François Pervis
Team sprint (progression)41.225Jeffrey Hoogland Harrie Lavreysen Roy van den Berg
Records recognized by the UCI

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